• Director
    PARK Heon-soo
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Sexy comedy
  • Status
    Release(November 17, 2011)
  • Starring
    KIM Young-ho, KIM Hye -sun, KIM San-ho, YUN Chaee
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • A forbidden but dizzily exciting border between a teacher and a pupil!

      A screenplay writer Jun-seok and a famed chef Hee-sook, each of them starts having sex with their own students, respectively with Yeon-hee and Min-soo on purpose for inspiration! Each of their wild and secret relationship surprisingly gives continuous inspiration to them. These two couples try to be physically affectionate even in public areas to draw more inspiration. While all Jun-seok needs from the relationship is finish his screenplay to make his splendid comeback, all his student-turned-secret lover Yeon-hee desperately wants is win a prize at the screenplay competition. Also, while Hee-sook tries to get in her second prime, her young lover Min-soo works to develop his great recipes. Will their controversial relationships indeed fulfill their needs?
      • JEONG Yong-ki He is acclaimed to be one and only script doctor in Korea. He is also the first of who lead the Chungmuro Renaissance. He made a brilliant debut as a writer of groundbreaking film < The Marriage Life > and he continues to build his own characteristic world covering a wide range of genres such as comedy, dark comedy, romance, horror, Sci-Fi and so on. He earned Master of Laws at Kon-Kuk University in Seoul, and he was awarded the Best Screenplay Awards respectively at the 3rd Chunsa Film Festival and at the 13th Blue Award in 1992. Filmography 2011 < My secret partner > Writer/Director 2004 < Two Guys > Writer/Director 1999 < Love Bakery > Writer/Director 1996 < The Real Man > Writer/Director