• Director
    CHANG Youn-hyun
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Mystery Melodrama
  • Status
    Release(March 15, 2012)
  • Starring
    JOO Jin-mo, KIM So-yeun, PARK Hee-soon, YU Sun
  • Running Time
    115 min
  • Festival & Review

  • The more he sips, the deeper he falls.

      In the chaotic year of 1896, the Emperor Gojong seeks refuge at the Russian legation to prepare the foundation of the Daehan Empire. Chased by Russian soldiers for having stolen coffee and gold bars in Russia, Illich and Tanya are tricked by Korean-Japanese Sadako to come to Chosun. Tanya works as the country's first barista to make coffee for the Emperor Gojong, while Illich becomes a spy named Sakamoto to protect her. In the end, Sadako drags them into a secrete operation to assassinate the Emperor Gojong.
      • CHANG Youn-hyun CHANNG Youn-hyun made a spectacular debut in the film industry by winning New Director Award at the 35th Daejong Film Festival with The Contact, a modern melodrama. His stylish thriller Tell Me Something, starred by Han Seok-gyu and Shim Eun-ha, also came into the spotlight. By adding conflict and romance among main characters to the assassination attempt for King Gojong, the director has produced a well-made faction drama. Filmography 2007 HWANG JIN YI 2004 SOME 1999 TELL ME SOMETHING 1997 THE CONTACT