• Director
    JEON Soo-il
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Omnibus Drama
  • Status
    Release(May 30, 2013)
  • Starring
    CHO Jae-hyun, BAE Jeong-hwa
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review
    • Busan International Festival 2012

  • A journey to seek for forgiveness.

      A middle school girl is murdered on the way back home from church. Catholic priest PARK feels guilty for the incident and visits her sister Soo-hyun to give his condolence. Sharing the same sadness and grief, both slowly feel for each other until they enter into an unavoidable relationship. After spending several nights together, priest PARK falls into the deepest agony. Having realized the nothingness of love, he leaves for Peru to find his best priest friend and confess his sin.
      • JEON Soo-il He majored in film directing at E.S.R.A. (Ecole Superier de Realisation Audiovisuelle) in Paris, France, and also studied film theory at University of Paris VII and VIII. Director JEON Soo-il is known for steadily making independently produced films since 1990. With his roots set in Busan, just as he is far in distance from Korea's cultural center, Seoul, he has been making different types of films from the norm that have been recognized worldwide. From his debut film till today, all his works have been invited to international film festivals and received awards; a filmography worth being proud about. Filmography El Condor Pasa 2012 Pink 2011 I Came From Busan 2009 Himalaya, Where The Wind Dwells 2008 With a Girl of Black Soil 2007 Time Between Dog and Wolf 2005 My Right to Ravage Myself 2003 The Bird Who Stops In The Air 1999 Wind Echoing In My Being 1997