• Director
    Hideo JOJO
  • Year
  • Nationality
    Korean, Japan
  • Genre
    Erotic Comedy
  • Status
    Release(August 3, 2012)
  • Starring
    Yui TATSMI, YEO Min-jeong
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • Japanese AV idol's X-rated mission for her real dream!

      Japan's favorite AV goddess Ryoko visits Seoul, as her next project will shoot in Seoul. Upon arriving at the airport, she faces difficulties due to the insufficient budget and inexperienced crew. While getting into all kinds of troubles, Ryoko accidentally meets Yuna, a wannabe idol star. Against Ryoko's will, Yuna mistakes Ryoko as a great Japanese idol and follows her film set. Fascinated by Yuna's freshness, the director casts her for his erotic movie, and Yuna accepts it without knowing what the film is about. Not to hurt Yuna's dream, Ryoko moves heaven and earth, yet the moment to shoot the steamy love scene is fast approaching.
      • Hideo JOJO made his debut as a pink film director with his film in 2003. He leads the new generation of Japanese pink film and explores another pink film genre by adopting fantasy and comic element, which is different from the existing pink films. He is a representative V-CINEMA director in Japan and also has plenty of fans in Korea. His films were released in DVD and screened at the 4th Kino Eye J-MOVIE Summer Festival in Korea.