• Director
    PAIK Sang-yeol
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Erotic Thriller
  • Status
    Release(December 6, 2012)
  • Starring
    LEE Dong-kyu, KIM Jin-sun, HAN Ha-you
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • As the story gets to completion, forbidden fantasy will come true.

      Bestselling author, Jung-ho moved with his wife Ji-soo to rural town for his new novel writing. One day he visits Ji-soo’s school, and feels a strong attraction toward Hye-in, a college student who very much resembles his first love. His passionate desire to write a story his first love, he uses Hye-in as his muse through the role play. Being Captured by uncontrollable jealousy, Ji-soo has impulsive sex with Jung-ho to show Hye-in.

      • Director's note Here is a novelist. For his passion to write a better novel, he goes inside his story and begins the experiment. Moreover, he creates a figure that doesn't exist in reality and gets her involved in his life, and have him and his wife peek into the relationship they have with that figure. Such relationship erupts as love and hatred or as mad jealousy. It is chaotic to distinguish reality from novel, the characters themselves cannot distinguish their identity as real or fictional. The relationship between the writer and his wife tears apart and collapses. Through this movie, I want to show human's inner desire for creation and the madness in order to create in most basic form to the viewers.