• Director
    SHIN Su-won, Hong Ji-young, LEE Soo-youn, KIM Sung-ho
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release ( November 15, 2012)
    HD l 16:9 l Color l Stereo
  • Starring
    JUNG In-gi, KIM Ji Young, SUN Woo Sun, CHOI Ji Woo, LEE Myung-Hang
  • Running Time
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  • Under the name of family, we complete our own modernity.

      4 talented directors unfold 4 different portraits about family, the most heart-warming, yet the most heart-aching word in the Modern era. In CIRCLE LINE, we find a sad portrait of a father who struggles for his family after being laid off. A STAR-SHAPED STAIN portrays the grand despair of a mother who lost her daughter a year ago. Setting in the year of 2030, E.D 571 unfurls the story of In-ah, a 39-year-old single woman, who sold her eggs for money and meets her biological daughter after sometime. IN GOOD COMPANY brings up the issue of maternity in Korean society through the story of Ji-won who gets fired for being pregnant
      • SHIN Su-won Born in 1967, Seoul. She was graduated from Korean National Arts of School Dept. of Film. SHIN's first feature, < Passerby #3 > (2010), it received Grand Prize at Jeonju International Film Festival and the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award at the 2010 Tokyo International Film Festival. Filmography < Passerby #3 > (2010) Hong Ji-young Born in 1971. She studied Philosophy at the Yonsei University and graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts. HONG's short films < Herstory >(1995), which competed at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Her first feature-length film < The Naked Kitchen >(2009) was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival. Filmography < The Naked Kitchen > (2009) < The Horrible Stories > (2012) LEE Soo-youn Born in Seoul, 1970. She graduated from the School of Educational Technology, Ewha Women's University. She studied filmmaking in Korean Academy of Film Arts and M.F.A. in Film Studies Chung-Ang University. < The Uninvited >(2003) is her first feature-length film. Filmography < The Uninvited >(2003) KIM Sung-ho Having majored in the Architecture at the Yonsei University. He studied filmmaking at the City University of New York and got the master's degree in the Media studies at the graduate school of The New School in NY. His debut feature Into the < Into the Mirror >(2003) received the Audience Award at Fantastic Film Festival of Gerardmer and its remake film, < Mirrors > was made in US. He also directed the segments for the omnibus films like < One Shining Day >(2005) and < Fantastic Parasuicides >(2007). His second feature film, < She Came from >(2010) was awarded with the Jury Grand Prize at the Florence Korea Film Fest in Italy. Filmography < Into the Mirror >(2003) < She Came from >(2010)