• Director
    PARK Chul-soo
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Erotic Drama
  • Status
    Release(January 17, 2013)
  • Starring
    JANG Hyuk-jin, LEE Min-a, KIM Na-mi
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • Life begins and ends in the bed.

      E is everything to B. B is desperate because he knows he can't get enough of E. E wants to be liberated from her everyday boredom. She needs change. However, she doesn't want to cross the border of her own. D needs a comfortable family. D tries to be realistic and rational. The stories of three characters whose joy, passion and despair overflow in one bed are tangled like a puzzle. Tantalizing but heartbreaking, stimulating but sad, this movie explores human desires without hesitation and fear.
      • PARK Chul-soo PARK Chul-soo is a veteran director who has made at least one film each year since the 1970s through the early-1990s. Sentimental and chic melodramas were the mainstay films during this period of his career, best represented by < Woman Requiem >(1985) and < A Pillar of Mist >(1986). A major change in his artistic approach came with < 301 302 >(1995), a story of two women who had contrasting desires about food that generated cult popularity with its shocking ending. His subsequent films, e.g., < Farewell My Darling >(1996), which was shot mostly with hand-held cameras, and < Push! Push! >(1997), which also dealt with women's desires, show continued attempts at experimentation. His film adaptation of < Kazoku Cinema >(1998), a novel of the same name by the Korean Japanese writer Yu Mi-ri, cast Japanese actors and was shot in Japanese. Filmography 1979: Rain Pours in the Night 1980: Stray Dogs 1981: The Bell of Nirvana 1985: Eomi (Mom) 1986: A Pillar of Mist 1989: Oseam (Temple Oseam) 1995: 301/302 1996: Farewell, My Darling 1997: Push, Push! 1998: Kazoku Cinema (Family Cinema) 2000: Bongja 2005: Green Chair 2010: Stroll with Masters - Daydream of Beuty 2011: Red Vacance Black Wedding