• Director
    Jiseung LEE
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Thriller Drama
  • Status
    Release(April 18, 2013)
  • Starring
    Young-nam JANG, Song-woo BAI, Dong-seok MA
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

    • Busan International Film Festival 2012

      Costar Rica International Film Festival 2012

      Nevada International Film Festival 2012

      Irvine International Film Festival 2013

      Beloit International Film Festival 2013

      Cinemasia Amsterdam 2013

      Dallas International Film Festival 2013

  • An average Jane turns into the merciless punisher after her daughter was raped

      Young-nam, a single mother, had lived a humble but happy life before her 10 year-old daughter, Yeon-ju found raped, and this changes her life as never before. When she reports to the police only to be disappointed by the inabilities, she changes her mind to chase after the rapist for herself tracing several evidences given by her daughter. One by one, she takes severe revenges to those who sabotaged and disrupted her with a way she knows best.
      • Jiseung LEE Graduated Hanyang University, he received an MA in Cinema Studies from New York University.  After graduation, he worked as a film producer in New York and . In Korea he worked 10 commercial feature films as a Producer and an Executive Producer including known as a big commercial success in Korean film history. He is currently a professor at Korean Film Academy of Arts. The movie is his directing debut film.