• Director
    KIM Kyung-mook
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Black Comedy
  • Status
    Release(June 26, 2014)
  • Starring
    YOO Young, KONG Myung
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review
    • 2014 Jeonju International Film Festival- Korea Cinemascape

      2014 Warsaw International Film Festival - Free Spirit Competition

      2014 Festival du Film Coreen a Paris - paysage

      2014 New York Korean Film Festival

  • The day-to-day happenings in convenience store from 10 am to 10 pm

      A convenience store is one of the places that you can't live without in modern society. It is a post office, bank, restaurant, and is the place where the art of Capitalism is perfectly realized; to make people produce and consume constantly. In this wonderland, we meet part-timers; a university student, an indie musician, a lesbian, a North Korean defector, a jobless, their boss and customers who come and go like ghosts. The film consists of 13 episodes, and the part-timers in each episode look similar in the same uniform. Through those similar, yet different beings, the film studies the relation between reality and illusion, love and break-up, and individual and society of our days.
      • KIM Kyung Mook (1985, South Korea) dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and went to Seoul. From the year 2001 to 2004, with the pen-name Kyum, he worked as a journalist and a columnist for the publications, Hankyoreh, Outsider, Education and a number of other publications. He also wrote for Hankyoreh 21, a weekly magazine published by Hankyoreh Media Company and for a duration of one year, he also ran a column titled, The world through Kyum's eyes and enjoyed immense readership. In the year 2004, he started studying film and made his first directorial debut with the film, Me and Doll Playing, followed by several documentaries and experimental video works. In 2005, he completed his feature length film, Faceless things and was screened in various prestigious national and international film festivals. The film, Me and Doll Playing and Faceless things, have won several prizes and accolades. He is currently producing his third feature film, Stateless Things, and also leading a project on multiple identity diaspora. Filmography Me and Doll-Playing (2004, short) Peace In Me (2005, short) Female Cats (2005, short doc) Memory of a Hair (2005, short) Faceless Things (2005) A Cheonggyecheon Dog (2008)/ SEX/LESS(2009) / Stateless Things(2011)