• Director
    MIN Byung-hun
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Drama Documentary
  • Status
    HD l 16:9(1.77:1) l Color l SRD
  • Starring
    FENG Zheng Jie, YOON Joo, SEO Jang-won
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

    • 2015

      Jeonju International Film Festival - Korea Cinemascape

      Silkroad International Film Festival - Out of competition

      Seoul Independent Film Festival - Special Feature

  • FengZhengjie, a Chinese artist plays as himself and reconstructs his encounter with a muse.

      FengZhengjie is suffering from a lack of inspiration, which keeps him from both painting and falling asleep. One night, wide awake as always, he sees a woman slide by in front of him. She is visible but indistinct, nearby but unreachable. She hovers around him, and appears wherever he goes. He is no longer certain whether the woman is in his head or he is the one in the woman’s head. The more time passes, FengZhengjie falls deep into his inner world, and the boundaries between dream and reality fall apart.
      • MIN Byung-hun

        MIN Byunghun had studied and gotten master's degree in cinematography in The Russian State University His film, Bee Fly(1998) received the awards at Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, ect. His recent feature film is Touch(2012). In 2013, his short film, Mask and Mirror(2012) got the Best Director Prize in JIFF. He is a professor at Hanseo University.