• Director
    David Lee AHN
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Crime Thriller
  • Status
    Release(October 29, 2015)
  • Starring
    YOON Soy, SHIN Hyun-been
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • An innocent girl is holding a gun in the hand, lost in between virtue and vice.


      Ji-eun has a speech disorder since she lost her parents after a car accident. Nevertheless, she tries hard to overcome her handicap and dreams to become a graphic designer. One day, on her way back home, she gets kidnapped by 3 strangers and raped. At the police station, the detective questions her back whether the sexual relationship was mutual, instead of helping her report. Ji-eun frustrated, cannot believe in anyone else but herself. She triggers her silent revenge against the world..
      • Biography

        David Lee Ahn, better known by his screen name Dave Ahn was born in Idaho, Pocatello and spent his youth in Seoul, Korea.  After he graduated from University of California, Davis in Landscape Architecture & Urban planning, he started his acting career by studying under Prof. James Wilson at USC and also graduated from South Coast Repertory’s Acting Intensive Program. After a few years of acting career, he has changed his path to directing in 2008. After he produced and directed two short films in Hollywood, he returned to Korea in 2009 and has actively working in film industries domestically and internationally. 


        2006 ‘Just Another Day’ – Producer/Screenplay/Director
        2008 ‘Ephemeral’ – Producer/Screenplay/Director
        2009 ‘Vega’ – 2nd Unit Director
        2009 ‘Take Off’ – 연출 지원
        2015 ‘The Lost Choices’ - Screenplay/Director/Music Dept