• Director
    NO Zin-soo
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Comic Gore
  • Status
    Release(September 30, 2010)
  • Starring
    JUNG Kyung-ho, PARK In-soo, JI Suh-yoon
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review
    • 2009 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

      2009 Leeds International Film Festival

      2009 Festival Franco Coreen Du Film

  • 8 people get lost in the forest and come across a bloody killer.

      Joong-rae and Chang-wook come to the deep forest to bury a body. When they almost finished digging a pit, they find out the body vanished. Myung-sook and Kyung-soo are having an affair. Suddenly Myung-sook sees something outside the car and asks Kyung-soo to find out but he never returns. In the meantime, 3 high school students sniff on gas and glue. The boys become dazed and try to rape the girl but she finally escapes. These 8 people run after another in the forest until they meet a mystery killer and end in a blood bath.
      • NO Zin-soo With his sensual, excellent story composition, and broad outlook on films, NO Zin-soo took part in many films as a scenario writer. In 2007, NO made his directorial debut with < Da Capo > and brought a fresh, shockwave to the Korean film world. Through < Norwegian Woods >, he sets up the new, unique genre of a Korean B-movie. Recognized for having both prominent story writing and directing talent, NO is noted as the new director to spur on the Korean film industry