• Director
    KIM Sung-je
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release(June 24, 2015)
  • Starring
    YOON Kye-sang, YOO Hae-jin, KIM Ok-vin
  • Running Time
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  • Two deaths at a demolition site reflect Korea today

    One man’s fundamental human rights can be another man’s legal interest. Construction is a part of everyday life in contemporary Seoul and for a small group of independent merchants renting their shops it is the start a long confrontation with police and security contractors forcing them to evacuate without proper compensation. When the 16-year-old son of a protester dies during a riot, the boy’s enraged father kills a 20-year-old police officer. Despite the security contractor being fingered for the incident, the boy’s father insists the cop is the killer. With a multi-million dollar redevelopment hanging in the balance and public rage at the boiling point, THE UNFAIR depicts the all too realistic fight between truth and justice and the value of money ahead of human life.


    What is the truth? A fierce legal battle in a tense legal drama

    Where are we heading? Whose side is the law on? Where should the conscience and justice stand? These are among the questions the solemn, tense and entertaining THE UNFAIR asks. The courtroom confrontation is a David and Goliath contest that comes on the heels of increasing tension.


    The defendant is the father of the dead teen, caught committing murder, and the victim is a police officer. The defense counsel consists of a young, inexperienced public attorney and a divorce lawyer with no trial experience. The plaintiff is represented by a chief as well as a rising star in the Prosecutors' Office. Though it seems like a lost cause, the defense never abandons its search for the truth. THE UNFAIR is a rare, realistic look at Korea’s legal system and also depicts a jury trial, currently being tested in Korea.


    He that is without sin let him first cast a stone at the father. What is your judgment?

    Caught in the act with several witnesses and admittedly guilty of the crime, the father of a 16-year-old wants charges brought against the governmental authority before submitting to the law himself. Claiming protest against the neighborhood’s demolition is self-defense, the man asks the government with whom the liability lies when he had to pick up a metal pipe to protect his son. The father believes a police officer, whose duty is to protect the people, has killed his son. No matter how severe the external pressure is, he firmly believes what he saw with his own eyes is the truth. The real questions become: Who is the real murderer? Who should stand before the court? What is your judgment?

      Faced with an uphill battle, the defense counsel never abandons its search for truth and fairness.

      A court-appointed attorney, Jin-won, is hard at work on his latest case, one involving of the deaths of a 16-year-old boy and a police officer.  The boy had been killed by a cop, Hee-taek, and the boy’s father, Jae-ho, murdered the policeman in revenge.  When he’s suddenly barred from the investigation, Jin-won senses something amiss.  With the help of a passionate journalist, he vows to reveal the truth behind Hee-taek’s actions and accuses the court of attempting a cover-up.  Faced with an uphill battle, losing hope and on the verge of giving up, Jin-won’s quest for truth and justice is given new life when Jae-ho asks Jin-won to defend his case.