• Director
    KWAK Jae-yong
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release(June 26, 2008)
  • Starring
    SHIN Min-ah, ON Ju-wan, YU Geon
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

      She can walk lightly over red-hot coal and can lift steel brazier weighing a ton, but cannot win prince's heart!

      GANG So-hwi, played by SIN Min-ah, seems like a normal college girl, but unknown to the world, she is the only descendant of a prestigious wulin family, and a martial arts prodigy. Her father is the master of charyeok(a form of qigong) and her mother was a master swordsman whose wish for their daughter was to resurrect the wulin. So-hwi goes to college and wants to live a normal life but she joins charyeok club following the wish of her father who believes that charyeok is the basis for all martial arts. Her performance at the school festival leaves everyone aghast, but she finds something far more attractive than wugong – Jun-mo, the charismatic captain of ice hockey team, played by YOO Geon. So-hwi falls head over heels in love with Jun-mo and in order to be closer to him, she leaves the charyeok club and joins the ice hockey team as the blade-sharpener.
       So-hwi meets the biggest obstacle of her life!
      So-hwi’s childhood dream of becoming a hero like the ones in the wuxia novels disappears like a smoke, and she proclaims that she will lead a normal life from then on. Her martial arts skills are unsurpassed, but her clumsy attempts at winning Jun-mo’s heart are met with icy indifference. Meanwhile, So-hwi’s apparent abandonment of martial arts puts the whole wulin in danger, and the Four Masters summon her childhood friend Ily-eong, played by ON Joo-wan, to keep So-hwi away from Jun-mo. Ilyeong accepts the challenge, lured by the promise of his dream motorbike ‘Suzuki Hayabusa,’ and embarks on his mission to bring So-hwi back to the wulin. Will So-hwi overcome all the obstacles and win Jun-mo’s love?