• Director
    WON Shin-yeon
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release(November 14, 2007)
  • Starring
    KIM Yun-jin, KIM Mee-sook, PARK Hee-soon
  • Running Time
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    will give you the tingling excitement as if sprinting

    is about a lwayer who has to prove a convicted killer innocent in order to save her kidnapped daughter. Only seven days are given to set the murderer free. The kidnapper is still at large, and haunting her every step. Who is the dark shadow that kidnapped her daughter, and is the convicted man the real killer?

    is categorized as a suspense thriller, but also encompasses a human thriller, a court thriller and an action thriller. is a fast-paced movie on motherhood, and leads the audience to face obstacles at every turn with the main character.

    is a thriller that the audience can feel and enjoy, rather than think hard on. It is geared towards giving what the audience wants to see and stimulating their senses. Contemplation on the theme can come later. I hope the audience will enjoy the movie as they see and hear it.


    Won Shinyeon, director of powerful and stylish images

    Director Won Shinyeon worked as a martial arts director before he debuted in Chungmuro with his short films such as , , and . was awarded the best short film at the Korea Film Awards in 2002. His directing style consists of a simple setting while delving deep into theme consciousness as can be seen in which deals with a hostage situation staged by an escaped convict, and which features a high school girl suffering from abuse at home. , the winner of 2004 KOFIC Scenario Competition, drew exceptional attention and was eagerly awaited for its unconventional subject and storyline. The stylish visual technique demonstrated in the horror film , and the tenacious and dense force in is brought together and recreated in his new film . Won Shinyeon’s unique directing skills will once again be demonstrated in this movie.

      “To win is the law” - Yoo Jiyeon, the Lawyer
      Jiyeon is the best lawyer in town with her perfect winning streak. Winning, rather than searching for the truth, was her goal but she is forced to take on the worst case ever: “Exchanging a murderer for her kidnapped daughter in just 7 days.” Proving a murder innocent is no hindrance to her ethics as a lawyer. Already, her daughter’s life is the justice in the world. In order to get her little girl back, she must prove that the convicted murderer is innocent.
      “A corrupt cop is a cop nonetheless” – Kim Seongyeol, the Cop
      Seongyeol is under internal investigation, and his neck is on the line. He is always hassling Jiyeon to help him out whenever he is in a deep hole, but he understands and cares for Jiyeon and her daughter Eunyoung. After learning that Eunyoung has been kidnapped, Seongyeol devotes himself onto the case. His persistent and tenacious investigation brings out the true cop in him.
      “Show me justice in this world”- Han Sookhui, the Mother of the victim
      For Han Sookhui, the world turns dark whenever she thinks about the daughter she has lost to the ruthless murderer Jeong Cheoljin. But she is shocked to learn that Yoo Jiyeon, who has never lost a case, is defending the murderer of her daughter. Han Sookhui feels as if her daughter is killed again. It is unthinkable to let a killer like Jeong Cheoljin walk free. The only thing she can rely on now is the belief that “justice always wins in the end.”
      “This is why it’s worth living” – Jeong Cheoljin, the Murderer
      Jeong Cheoljin is serving his time in jail, waiting for his death sentence. Even though he is appealing, the circumstances and evidences all point to him as the killer, so to be proven innocent is almost impossible. One day, a beautiful woman comes to see him: Yoo Jiyeon, the best lawyer in town. She declares that she will defend him in the appeal, and already sure of victory, he begins to look forward to his release.
      “I owe you a big one” – Yang Changgu, the Thug
      Yang Changgu is a thug who was acquitted thanks to Jiyeon. He still remembers the day when Jiyeon, as they were leaving the courthouse victorious, hands him a vital evidence against him and says, “Put this in your closet for 15 years – let it serve time instead of you.” They run into each other again when Jiyeon takes on the Jeong Cheoljin case. How will their second meeting end?
      “I won’t lost time time”- Choi, the Prosecutor
      Prosecutor Choi is Jiyeon’s law school alumnus, but always loses against her. When Yang Changgu is acquitted, his pride hits rock bottom. His next case is Jeong Cheoljin’s appeal, and his chance to redeem himself against Jiyeon. He is already confident that he can win this time.
      “You will never see your daughter again” - K, the Kidnapper
      One day, Jiyeon receives a call. “You will never see your daughter again.” K controls the whole situation through his phone. His face and voice is unknown, but he knows Jiyeon’s every move as if he is standing right next to her. Who is he? Is he someone close to her? Why had Jiyeon become his target? When his identity comes to light, the case begins to solve itself.