• Director
    LEE Saang-woo
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    War Drama
  • Status
    Release(April 15, 2010)
  • Starring
    MOON Sung-keun , CHOI Jong-ryul , KIM Nae-ha , SHIN Myung-cheol
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review
    • 2009 Pusan lnternational Film Festival

      2010 New York Asian Film Festival

      2010 Fantasia International Film Festival

      2010 London Korean Film Festival

  • The untold tragedy from the forgotten war.

      To ten year old Jjang and his friends, the upcoming singing contest is more important than news of war. It is July, 1950, a month into the Korean War, but life for Jjang and his fellow residents of this small Southern Korean village remains simple. War arrives abruptly when U.S. soldiers drive in and order all the villagers to leave, warning of incoming fighting. With children on their backs and carts laden with belongings, the villagers are told to go south by U.S. soldiers who promise trucks to transport them. The villagers find no trucks and continue south on foot but are forced off the road. War is not going well for the U.S. and word is circulating that North Korean soldiers may be hiding among the South Korean refugees. As the villagers walk along the railroad, American planes swoop in without warning and strafe and bomb the civilians, killing many. The survivors seek shelter under a railroad bridge culvert. Then U.S.soldiers receive orders to fire on the villagers...
      • LEE Saang-woo Lee Saang-woo is one of Korea's leading theatre directors, having directed over 20 plays and garnering awards for Best Director and Director of the year. Director Lee has achieved both critical and commercial success. One of his most famous plays, has been selling out ever since its opening. <an old="" thief's="" story=""> satirized the systematic problems of society and the realities of politics, and his was the first Comic play to be presented in the National Theatre. In addition to his theatre work, Lee has written scripts for the films CHIL-SU AND MAN-SU and FILMMAKING. A LITTLE POND marks his debut as a film director.