• Director
    PARK Soo-young
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Black Comedy
  • Status
    Release(January 20, 2011)
  • Starring
    KIM Byung-chun,LEE Kyung-young
  • Running Time
    80 min
  • Festival & Review
    • 2011 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival

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      Um family is about to leave for a family trip. However, at the house the family arrived to enjoy their break, fired employee, Kim was waiting for the family. He screams while holding the limbs of a family member who tries to flee from him, and Kim demands payment for his discharge. Suffering, the family screams out and asks Um to give him what he wants, but Um thinks differently.
      • PARK Soo-young Born in 1976, Jinju Graduated from Hanyang Univ., Dept. of Theater & Film In 2001, he won the Grand Prix at SIYFF for [A Broad Day] and at DSFF with [A Wintering]. In 2006, he was invited to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival & Tampere Int'l Short Film Festival with [The Freaking Family] 2007, he was invited to the Sitges Film Festival with [A Puppy, Our Family] and in the same year he was invited to Pusan International Film Festival and the Rotterdam Film Festival with [Fantastic Para suicides]. Director's Filmography 2001 In Broad Day (short) 2001 My Lovely A.P.T. (short) 2003 a Wintering (short) 2004 While It's Rainning (short) 2004 Beat Mania (short) 2005 The Freaking Family (short) 2006 Mighty Man (short) 2007 a Puppy, Our Family (short) 2007 Fantastic Para suicides (omnibus) 2009 Be My Guest (Feature)