• Director
    NAM Moo-seong
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release(December 16, 2010)
    HD | Color | Dolby SRD
  • Starring
    LEE Pan-keun, PARK Seong-yeon, RYU Bok-sung
  • Running Time
  • Festival & Review

  • A beautiful documentary about the first generation of Korean jazz artists.

      Jazz has not had much time to take hold in Korea – at least not to the scale seen in America, Europe or even Japan. Nevertheless, after the Korean War in the 1950's, jazz began to flow in steadily through US Army bases. Aspiring, young musicians, with no education and even less money, were able to catch the jazz groove from performances on base. Among them, who we call the first generation of Korean jazz, sadly only a few remain to take the cue and keep the memory of the first generation alive. In the spirit of bringing the spotlight back to the first generation, a young jazz columnist and his friends plan for a tribute concert and album.
      • Nam Moo-seong As a jazz columnist and music producer, this is Mr. Nam's first foray into cinema. He has been heard to say, "If there is no jazz, there is no movie." and < Bravo! Jazz Life > is, of course, full of jazz. The goal was never to be a standard movie, but more of a lasting record of Korean jazz artists. Mr. Nam grew up with a strong passion for both the rock and jazz sounds. When he was 28, he published Korea's first jazz magazine < MMJAZZ >, drawing from his experience of writing and illustrating the series, < A comic look at jazz history: Jazz It Up!> and . < Jazz It Up! > has been subsequently published in Japan and Taiwan, where it was well received and made the best-seller list in both countries. In addition, Mr. Nam opened the 'Jazz Workshop Concert' program where he frequently gives lectures to aid people in gaining a deeper understanding of the world of jazz. < Bravo! Jazz Life >, which is a documentary focusing on the first generation of Korean jazz artists, was a great adventure for Mr. Nam, who took on the roles of screenwriter, director and musical director.