• Director
    HUH Eun-hee
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
  • Status
    Release (July 28, 2011)
    HD | 16:9 | Color | Digital Stereo
  • Starring
    YOU Donh-sook, ONE Tae-hee, GANG Seok-ho
  • Running Time
    109 min
  • Festival & Review
    • 2010 International Rome Film Festival

  • A woman seeks for a new pleasure in her life and becomes a porn star.

      A lonely 37-year-old English professor Ju-ri has decided to break into the porn industry. In order to be cast she has to put herself through strenuous training and dieting. Paired with Byul(23), who sports a flawless body in every way, Juri finally has to shoot her first scene. However, she resists her partner although she has gotten exactly what she wanted. The dilemma lies in the fact that she is a virgin and keeps it secret. However, Byul experiences real feelings of affection for Ju-ri.
      • HUH Eun-hee was born in Korea, and raised in a wild and small town surrounded by tough Mother Nature, under her parents' let-alone-policy. She majored in English Literature at Sookmyung Women's University and graduated from Film Directing Program at California Institute of the Arts. She is now a professor of the department of Film Studies at Dong-Eui University in Korea. She has been working in Film, Video and Theatre production as a director, writer, producer, actor, and editor for more than 20 years both in Korea and in USA, getting the most out of her understanding of various diverse academic backgrounds; as she is of a different culture. Filmography 2006 CABARET (musical) 2003 LOVE LETTER (16mm) 2002 BUCKET STORY (16mm)