• Director
    LEE Hyun-chul, KANG Ho-jun, KIM Jin-hee, HWANG Hee-sung, SEO Yong-ho, MOON In-dae, Lee Jeong Won, KIM Doo-heon
  • Year
  • Nationality
  • Genre
    Genre Drama
  • Status
    Release(March 7, 2013)
  • Starring
    JO Youn-mi, YOON Yong-min, LEE Sun-hee, SONG You-hyun
  • Running Time
    121 min |
  • Festival & Review
    • 2012 GÖTEBORG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2011 Busan International Film Festival

  • By the time you kiss, love starts to end.

      A young guitarist and a female café owner, a law school student and a kissing room part time job girl, a jobless husband and an actress wife with young counterpart, a romantic comedy director and a script writer, a sex criminal vampire and a warrior for revenge, a bad tempered priest and a woman's sad confession. What is between these people?
      • 01 Lovely LEE Hyun-chul (1973/ Busan/ Busan Arts College, Film Major, BA) - 2010 Awarded the grand prize at Busan Film Commission Scenario Contest. "Boys" - 2006 "A Cruel Attendance" (Assistant Director) 02 Happy 2 p.m. KANG Ho-jun (1968/ Jeonju/ Chunbuk National University, Political Science and Diplomacy Major, BA) - Directed KBS 2TV "I Want to Go There" and other documentary films - 2001 The 6th International Folk Festival in Berlin Special Prize "Mother and Son"(Feature Documentary on Reunion of separated family) 03 Kiss Me KIM Jin-hee (1978/ Seoul/ Ewha Woman's University, Korean Literature Major, BA) - 2010 Korean Academy of Film Arts, graduation project "Shell" (Script supervisor) - Moonji Publishing Co,.Ltd. Editor for Literature Team/Copyright specialist. 04 An Artist HWANG Hee-sung (1973/ Taebaek/ Dongkuk University, Philosophy Major, BA) - 2008 "Like father, like son" (Assistant Director) - 2002 "An Indiscreet Wife, a Checkered Husband and a Taekwon Girl" (Assistant Director) 05 Girl's Generation SEO Yong-ho (1971/ Seoul/ Korean Academy of Film Arts; Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, French Literature Major, BA) - 2010 A Short Film "Harvest of Blood" (Director) - 2001 "Wanee & Junah" (Writing adapted screenplay) - 1999 "Happy End" (2nd Assistant Director) 06 Good Boy MOON In-dae (1961/ Busan/ Chung-Ang University, Electric Engineering Major, BS) - 2005 Korea Film Awards, Best Achievement in Editing "All For Love" - 2011 "The Last Blossom" Editing, etc. 07 A Slayer LEE Jeong-won (1971/ Incheon/ University of Incheon, Business Administration Major, BA) - 2009 A short film "Help me" (Director) - 2006 "For Horowitz" (Assistant Director) 08 This Bitter World KIM Doo-heon (1972/ Seoul/ Sungkyunkwan University, Electric Engineering Major) - Spookybunch Co,.Ltd. CEO - 2010 "Cafe Noir" / 2006 "Land of the Blind" (Producer) - 2005 "All For Love " (Assistant Director)